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Introducing The Hiawatha Homes Giveaway Of 2024

Marquette, MI – This time around, our premier sponsor is Hiawatha Log Homes for mediaBrew Communications’ first giveaway of 2024: The Hiawatha Homes Giveaway! These guys are nationally renowned log cabin builders. Their reputation is highly revered, and their creations are some of the most stunning log cabins in the country! They have brought their signature flair by introducing a whole new type of grand prize to the table. The winner of this special giveaway will come into ownership of a TimberPro building kit for a 10ft x 14ft log building worth $20,250 (windows, doors, and roof not included)! This is a homesteader’s dream, a deer camp commodity, a beautiful opportunity to win a free kit to start the construction of a wonderful log building! Imagine the possibilities. This should be an especially attractive offer for those of you already planning on a new structure on your property. Take this opportunity to sign up at any one of our registration locations!

Or register online at!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone of our sponsors for this epic giveaway. We’re looking forward to the excitement, and bringing everyone together with a fun celebration.

Remember – No matter how many times you submit an entry you’re submissions will only count as one. No repeat submissions will be counted as we filter them all out to keep the contest fair!

Registration locations can be found at the following partners’/sponsors’ businesses for the Hiawatha Homes Giveaway:




Registration will end March 15th!!!


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