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Michael Jackson is 106.1 The Sound

This Sound artist was born the eighth child of ten. His idols were Charlie Chapin, Fred Astaire, and Gene Kelly. Elizabeth Taylor was his best friend, and she was the godmother of his son, Prince.

Micheal started his career as one of the Jackson 5, a band consisting of himself and several of his brothers and sisters. The group reached number one on US Billboard Hot 100 in 1970 with their song “I Want You Back.” Later the band would be described as “a cutting-edge example of black crossover artists.”

Micheal eventually began releasing solo albums in 1972 as a teen idol, but it wasn’t until his fifth album that he became established as a solo performer. Micheal Jackson is the most awarded music artist in history. He also recorded many songs with other well-known artists, such as Freddie Mercury and Mick Jagger. Today, he is called the King of Pop.

Micheal Jackson suffered from vitiligo, a condition in which skin loses its pigment cells. Due to this, he was allergic to the sun and often wore sunglasses outside and carried an umbrella. Another Micheal Jackson Fashion Fact? That famous crystal-studded glove is actually a modified golf glove.

Michael Jackson is 106.1 The Sound.

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