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Toto is 106.1 The Sound

This Sound Ensemble still tours after 5 decades with three of their original artists.  Founders David Paich and Jeff Porcaro met in high school, forming the band Rural Still Life.  When David Paich wrote their biggest hit – Africa – he or any other band members had never visited the continent.  Through the years various band members have performed studio sessions on over 5,000 albums including work from Steely Dan and Boz Scaggs.  It is therefore estimated 85% of the world’s population have heard at least one of their members on the recording.  The song Rosanna is not about Rossana Arquette even though the band and the actress played along with that story for years.  Their name is not taken from the dog in The Wizard of Oz.  But from the Latin words for “all-encompassing”.  Toto is 106.1 The Sound.

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