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The Bee Gees are 106.1 The Sound

This Australian Sound artist is widely known for their disco sound.  However, their first hit was the melancholy New York Mining Disaster.  Robin and Maurice – now both deceased – were twins.  Barry is the oldest brother.  Maurice was a highly rated paintball player.  When Robin was 17, he was in a train wreck that killed 49 passengers.  Their manager – Robert Stigwood – was also a movie director.  He opened the door to The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack for them.  Only to cast them in the disastrous St. Peppers movie the following year.  They were sought after songwriters as they wrote Islands In The Stream for Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers and Emotion for Samantha Sang.  Their song How Deep Is Your Love has been covered over 200 times.  Their recent HBO Documentary set streaming records for HBO Max.  The Bee Gees are 106.1 The Sound.

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