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10cc are 106.1 The Sound

This British quartet had three number one songs in the UK with different lead singers.  Because of this, the band was difficult to market without a distinct sound or look.  The whispers vocals of ‘Be quiet, big boys don’t cry’ in I’m Not In Love came from the secretary of Strawberry Studios, the studio the band operated, Kathy Redfern.  Band member Graham Gouldman wrote big hits in the 60’s for the Yardbirds and The Hollies.  Gouldman and Lol Creme were pioneers in music video and directed Herbie Hancock’s Rockit which won 5 MTV Awards.  Gouldman and Creme had their own smash hit with Cry – as Godley & Creme.  10cc are 106.1 The Sound.

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