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Olivia Newton-John is 106.1 The Sound

This Sound solo artist was born in England – then immigrate to Australia.  She was discovered competing and winning on the show Sing Sing Sing.  Max Born, who won the 1954 Nobel Prize for Quantum Mechanics is her grandfather.  She nearly turned down the role of Sandy in Grease because – at 29 – she didn’t think she could pull off being a teenager.  Because of a zipper failure she literally had to be sewn into her leather pants in the carnival scene of Grease.  After the success of Xanadu, she marries her costar Matt Lattanzi and gave birth to Chloe, her only child.  Known mostly as a soft rock artist, she won the 1974 Grammy for Best Female Country Vocal Performance with Let Me Be There.

Olivia Newton-John is 106.1 The Sound.

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