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Linda Ronstadt is 106.1 The Sound

Born on a ranch in the Southwest, this Sound artist left home at 17 to become part of a band – The Stone Poneys.  As a solo artist her backing band would go on to form The Eagles.  Known as The First Lady of Rock, her iconic Heart Like A Wheel album spent a year on The Billboard Charts and spawned You’re No Good, When Will I Be Loved and Blue Bayou.  She walked away from Rock & Roll in 1980 to star in Pirates of The Penzance on Broadway, earning her a Tony nomination.  She teamed with Frank Zappa on a Remington Razor commercial.  She never married citing “she wasn’t cut out for it”, though she did adopt two children in the 90s.  Revealing she had Parkinson’s disease in 2013 and hoping one day to regain her voice, Linda Ronstadt is 106.1 The Sound.

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