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Billy Joel is 106.1 The Sound

This Sound artist was only 14 when he recorded the opening chords to The Shangri-La’s Remember (Walking in the Rain).  At 21, he went through a depressing break up and tried to kill himself with furniture polish.  In the 70’s he would shed bad reviews of his songs and concerts on stage.  He met his future wife Christy Brinkley while he played a beach bar in the Caribbean.  She was there doing a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot and features in his Uptown Girl video.  He’s the first to play all four of the New York City’s major sports venues – Yankee, Shea and Giants stadiums and Madison Square Garden.  He sold his house in The Hamptons to Jerry Seinfeld.  But he didn’t tell Seinfeld it overlooked a nude beach.  His keyboard idol is Steve Winwood.

Billy Joel is 106.1 The Sound.

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