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Simon & Garfunkel are 106.1 The Sound

This New York folk rock duo originally formed with the name Tom and Jerry, after the Saturday morning cartoon characters.  Just out of high school they had their first hit Hey Schoolgirl.  As their first full album didn’t do well, they disbanded in 1964 and it was Paul Simon’s solo version of Sounds of Silence that became a big hit in England first.  After reuniting, they reached their peak when they wrote Mrs. Robinson for the movie The Graduate.  Creative differences led to their final break up in 1970.  Both Simon and Art Garfunkel had big solo success.  Their 1981 reunion concert in Central Park was the largest crows ever for a single concert.  Sadly, the two don’t speak to each other today.

Simon & Garfunkel are 106.1 The Sound.

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